Kids Bop 20th birthday!

Happy 20th birthday, Kidz Bop! Celebrate with the re-release of Kidz Bop's very first album from 2001, rerecorded with today's talented KB kids. I loved helping out with the BGV arrangements of these throwback favorites. #sessionsinger #popsinger #kidzbop

Kidz Bop All-Time Greatest Hits

Get a big dose of nostalgia with the Kidz Bop All-Time Greatest Hits out now. I have so much fun helping out with the backup vocal arrangements, and it was especially fun revisiting these old favorites. Happy 20th birthday to Kidz Bop! #sessionsinger #popsinger #kidzbop

Kidz Bop 2021

Kidz Bop 2021 is out now! I've loved helping out behind the scenes with Kidz Bop over the past couple of years! Congratulations to the kids and the whole team on this new album! #sessionsinger #popsinger #kidzbop