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Build Me Up

I'm proud to have added my voice to this beautiful message from Tonality.

Written by Roman GianArthur

Soloist: Roman GianArthur

Produced by Alexander Lloyd Blake

Mixed and Mastered by Jett Galindo

Videographer: Pietro Torrisi


Charlean Carmon

Nayanna Holley

Grace Laboy

Briana Lee

Amanda Mello

Hannah Penzner

Meredith Pyle Pedley

Aretha Scruggs

Becca Tomasko

Chloe Vaught


Ivana Cespedes

Denean Dyson

Neka Hamilton

Wendy Hinkle-Taquino

Laura Jackman

Hannah Rose Lewis

Arie Lugo

Vera Frances Lugo

Carla Miller-Kupchenko

Jessica Rau-Chin

Valerie Tambaoan


Josh Bedlion

Andy Degan

Nathan Heldman

Todd Honeycutt

Jarrett Johnson

Jason Morales

Josh Munnell

Scott Oatley

Christopher Roney

A.J. Teshin

Greg Whipple

Gerald White


Jonathan Byram

Alvin Chea

Ben Lin

Michael Miersma

Jaquain Sloan

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