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Green Giraffes

These people. 😍 So much of the good in my life has come from them. Six years ago, I was new to LA and in a community production of Les Miserable out in Moorpark. Abby Cluster was also in the show, and she said she was starting a VO workout group with a few friends at Michael Rosenblum‘s house. I joined. We met every week and called ourselves the #GreenGiraffes. We talked shop. We read copy together. We shared our professional connections and referred each other, spending some uplifting and educational evenings together with some of LA’s finest. We grew professionally, but even more, we supported and celebrated each other and lifted each other up. In a town like LA, these friends have been my life blood.

A couple of years ago, we reached a new level and decided that instead of just talking shop together, we’d collaborate and make something together! @free_candy_van_show was born. We collaborated with talented writers, we recorded many days in studio, people worked very hard to make an actual thing become a thing, and last night, we celebrated the release of our thing! It’s just a little ol’ comedy podcast in a sea of podcasts, but it’s OUR comedy podcast, and it represents the collaboration of people who really love and support each other and want to do great things, and I’m proud of that.

If you like funny things, you’re invited to subscribe to #FreeCandyVanShow on #applepodcasts or #googleplay and enjoy a new sketch comedy radio show every Wednesday. Just a heads up... this one’s not for the kids.

We’re missing green giraffes Daniel Ross and Jan Johns in this pic.

Back row l-r: David Chen, Ryan Robinson, Brock Powell, Joe Hernandez. Middle row l-r: Danielle Marcelle Bond, Michael Rosenblum, Abby Cluster, Jessica Rau. Front: Patrick McGrath.

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