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It's Tradition

Hello friends! As you may know, every Christmastime since 2005, I've recorded a Christmas carol to share. This year, I wanted to write something that spoke to our unique moment in time. This year's not the same-- some things never change!

It's Tradition

Written by Jessica Rau, Cait Leow, Feodor Chin

Produced by Nikolas Thompson

Jessica Rau: vocals, Casio synthesizer, glockenspiel

Cait Leow: additional vocals

Zach Bardon: guitar

Nikolas Thompson: additional instruments

Mixed by Nikolas Thompson

Recorded in California, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Korea

Please enjoy this year's new carol, plus all my carols from the past 16 years now on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream your music! The entire album is free to download at

It’s Tradition album mastered by Nikolas Thompson and available on all streaming services.

Album photo by Jonathan Ward Rau

Album design by Katie Olsen

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