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Up on the Housetop

It's that time again! I record a Christmas carol to share every year, and today my tradition turns 18! This time, I collaborated with the incredibly talented Angela Parrish and Melinda Sullivan for Up on the Housetop-- with tap dancing!

Enjoy all of my carols on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get your music!

Jessica's Annual Carols on Spotify:

The entire collection is free to download at

Up on the Housetop - Christmas 2022

Written by Benjamin Hanby

Jessica Rau: lead vocals

Angela Parrish: keyboard & vocals

Melinda Sullivan: tap dancer & vocals

Video credits:

Produced and Directed by Jessica Rau & Feodor Chin

Silvia Lara: director of photography

Aaron Schumacher: recording engineer and mixer

Nikolas Thompson: audio mastering

Paul Cole: video editor

Michael Schatz/ RKM Studios: video colorist

Justin Sullivan: location

Carolina Ravassa: invaluable help

Nellie Leis: graphic design

Recorded in Downtown Los Angeles, California

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