The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told

Just in time for your quarantined Christmas celebration, enjoy this epic 12-part Christmas story — THE GREATEST CHRISTMAS STORY EVER TOLD — an epic tale about the second largest toy manufacturer in the world trying to take down Santa Claus and ruin Christmas! From creator Gabe Evans: Over the past few weeks, hilarious friends and actors have donated their time and talents to bring life to this funny Christmas tale! Hope you enjoy it - it is available here on Podbean and will

TIGHTS the show

The Boys meets old time radio! TIGHTS the show is out now on all major podcast platforms. I enjoyed making a small but stormy cameo as Eye of the Storm in the fourth episode of this passion project of Barri Tsavaris and Greta Wenk. Listen now! #TIGHTStheradioshow #Podcast #ComedyPodcast

Free Candy's back

Fun size Friday with Free Candy Van podcast! It’s our last one for now, but we’re already rolling on season two! All of season one is available now on iTunes and Google play. Enjoy! #Repost @free_candy_van_show ・・・ Fun size Friday! #FreeCandyVanShow #FreeCandyVanShowVO #FreeCandyVan #SketchComedy #Podcast #ComedyPodcast #AdultHumor #BloodyMary #BloodyMarys #BloodyMaryBloodyMaryBloodyMary #Brunch #Monsters

A Weird Valentine's Day

If you're feeling weird 😵 this Valentine's Day, here are two treats akin to a box of chocolates with... surprising... fillings. For your eyes, catch my husband Feodor Chin in the brand new series Weird City (produced by Jordan Peele! 🤯) on Youtube premium (first month is free to binge). Feo is awesome in episode 3 😍! This series is so weird and so good. For your ears, search out the Free Candy Van podcast 🤡🍭 on iTunes or Google Play! You can hear me delivering the sketch

Green Giraffes

These people. 😍 So much of the good in my life has come from them. Six years ago, I was new to LA and in a community production of Les Miserable out in Moorpark. Abby Cluster was also in the show, and she said she was starting a VO workout group with a few friends at Michael Rosenblum‘s house. I joined. We met every week and called ourselves the #GreenGiraffes. We talked shop. We read copy together. We shared our professional connections and referred each other, spending som