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Disney "Wish"

When you wish upon a star...

A longtime wish was granted, and I got to sing on my first Disney movie! And not just any Disney movie but the 100-year anniversary celebratory Disney Wish Movie! It was a magical opportunity. You can hear me singing among the townspeople and teens in Welcome to Rosas, Knowing What I Know Now, and at the climax of the film in This Wish (Reprise) as well as some oohs and ahhs throughout.

I sang a couple of studio sessions earlier this year before SAG-AFTRA went on strike-- and the first session was with Ariana DeBose, Asha herself singing in the room with us! Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice have written some gorgeous and moving music for this film, and I'm so lucky I got to sing it! Thanks to Encompass Music Partners for the opportunity and to Walt Disney Animation Studios for giving the singers screen credit! And thanks to my parents, my babe, and my in-laws for coming to celebrate with me this afternoon. I am thankful. 💜

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