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Emile Mosseri and Friends - Holiday Special

Here is something cozy to enjoy as this year comes to a close. It felt so good to sing such beautiful music with so many lovely friends to such an attentive room last week. Goooood vibes as we step into the new year.

Thanks to Adrianne Duncan for including me in this!

Emile Mosseri's Christmas Special featuring Julianna Barwick, Meg Duffy, David Longstreth, and Doug Stuart.

This film was shot on Tuesday at Zebulon LA with an incredible 32-piece choir wrangled by the great Joy Music House

Directed by Tony Corella

Produced by Cameron Parkins and Emile Mosseri

Cinematography by Gemma Doll-Grossman

Production Design - Olivia McManus

Edited by David Marks, Tony Corella

Camera Operators - Jacqueline Bao, Jonni Tecle, Michael Weinstein, and Joe Talbot

Sound Engineer - Jiwoo Han

Music Coordinator - Catherine Joy

Vocal Contractor - Adrianne Duncan

Master of Ceremonies - Olivia Gatwood

Presented by Zebulon, KCRW, Yola Mescal, and Dublab

Choral Arrangement & Orchestration

Emile Mosseri

Catherine Joy

Joseph Carrillo

Edith Mudge

Ray Kim

Aleph Cervo


Loren Battley

Catina de Luna

Adrianne Duncan

Allison Lewis

Jessica Rau

Jocelyn Scofield

Maiya Sykes

Hope Bartimiloli Thal


Celia Chavez

Brittany Fyvolent

Laura Hamilton

Eleen Hsu-Wentlandt

Zoe Lustri

Sara Mann

Edith Mudge

Felice Hernandez Schaffer


Jonathan Byram

Todd Honeycutt

David Joyce

Nikhil Koparkar

David Saul Lee

Fletcher Sheridan

Grayson Villanueva

Gerald White

Baritones & Basses

Robinton Hobbs

Taj Jegaraj

Bob Joyce

Tonoccus McClain

Jim Raycroft

Francisco Ruiz

Rene Ruiz

David Michael Trevino

Printing - Composer Press

Score Production - Joy Music House


0:00 - Intro

1:11 - All For The Bliss

4:29 - This Time I Lost My Mind

8:32 - The Last Black Man In San Francisco

12:27 - Haunted w/ Julianna Barwick

16:30 - Jewel Box w/ Julianna Barwick

20:55 - Rain song

23:54 - My Ideal w/ Dave Longstreth

29:21 - Sign On The Window

33:20 - More than Love w/ Hand Habits

38:15 - Silent night

40:46 - O Holy Night

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