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New Musical reading - Deuce

I've recently joined the roster of singer/actors at NMI (New Musicals Inc.) in North Hollywood, to read, workshop, rehearse, and present new musicals in the early stages of their writing and development. It is such an incredible tool for writers and composers to work with professionals to hear their words and music out loud, and I'm thrilled to be among the talent bringing these new visions to life.

Last Tuesday I participated in my first reading with NMI: Deuce a comic retelling of the Scottish play with book and lyrics by BK Wells, music and additional lyrics by Michael Turnblom. Deuce is set in a modern-day coffee shop, and I played one of the "old biddies" (Macbeth's three witches).

Our presentation is archived HERE, and the old biddies' big number is at about 16:20 in.

Performers: Casey Alcoser, Rachael McLachlan, Giane Morris Vaughn, Jimmer Bolden, Todd Honeycutt, Lia Peros, Andrea Press, and Jessica Rau. Directed by Elise Dewsberry.

I look forward to starting rehearsals for my next NMI musical reading next week!

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